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Brazilian Butt Routines Pro

Health & Fitness
3 usd

Butt Workouts Pro is the ultimate tool for reaching your dreams.Now you can train anywhere with your phone only!!The app consists of the exercises,workout and your personal data part.The exercises and workout part are there for explaining the exercises,and doing the workouts,and the personal data parts is there to track your progress.-The exercises parts is made up of 19 exercises video explained,and with a picture that pictures witch muscles are in use.
-The Workouts part contains 4 workouts with sub-workouts.You can pick between time in the workouts to do 5,6,7,14minutes.
-The workouts layout is well designed with many features.You are able of changing the screen rotation,playing music and much more thins.
-By doing workouts,and burning calories you get rewarded with achievements badges.There are 4 of them: *Beginner *Bronze *Silver *GoldAlso you have a log witch tracks all of your workouts done,by listing them in date order.
For the app to be even more complete it has a weekly workout schedule in the personal data area.